Letter From Texas

Official Notice


Attention: Governor Greg Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxton, Secretary of State John Scott, Former Secretary of State Ruth Ruggero Hughs, Deputy Secretary of State Jose Esparza, The Legislature of Texas, US Representatives and Senators, Mayors, City Councils, County Judges, County Commissioners, School Boards & Sheriffs:


We address you today regarding your failures of leadership and failures to protect the fundamental rights of Texans in this great state. We the people of Texas have called, emailed, protested, shown up to school board and council meetings and committee hearings. We have filed Writs of Quo Warranto, as is our RIGHT under the Texas Constitution. We have filed a writ of mandamus, with more than 240 affidavits attached in support, to compel you to honor your oath. With one voice, we demanded that you preserve and protect our freedoms by adhering to your oaths of office. You have been offered ample opportunities to address these issues, yet you stood by while an inept governor, a tyrannical Legislature, overreaching mayors, fascist city councils and county commissioners courts, and an unaccountable federal leviathan destroyed our state.

We demand that you answer for your inaction, or we will continue to utilize all forms of communication to call attention to your failures and promote your impending removals from office. We have determined that if you are not standing up for our freedoms, you are part of the problem. The governor, secretary of state, and legislators will now stand by and watch as we peacefully remove them from their respective positions.

Attorney General Paxton, you have a choice to stand with us and fight to secure our Constitutional freedoms or you can stand by while we also remove you. We The People of the Great State of Texas demand Attorney General Paxton agree to a meeting with us immediately.

How have you failed us?

  • You stood by while tyrants attacked our most basic rights to live and work freely, using fear and tyranny to lock us in our homes and attack our rights to bodily autonomy.
  • You stood by while jobs, schools, weddings, funerals, reunions, festivals, concerts and football games were shut down, yet thousands freely marched and rioted in our streets for months.
  • You stood by while our state capital city defunded their police and allowed widespread homeless camping, which result in sky rocketing crime rates.
  • You stood by while our kids were deprived of their education, were muzzled and abused by political pseudo-science, and school board meetings were cut short because parents came in protest of mask mandates.
  • You stood by while small businesses were shattered, meanwhile Amazon made record profits.
  • You stood by- by passing Legislation allowing hospitals to make end of life decisions for patients, thereby removing any authority of the patient or designated caregivers to make decisions for the patient’s well-being.
  • You stood by while people were not allowed to visit their loved ones at long term care and nursing homes. Many were sick and died alone.
  • You stood by while Texans remain not allowed to petition their government or redress their grievances in person due to requirements to test or wear a mask in order to enter places of local and state government, up to and including the Texas state senate--and in some cases, you stood by as Texans were arrested for standing up for their rights.
  • You stood by while Texans were fired for not taking an experimental gene therapy or who have been coerced to take it and suffered life-long injuries or even death.
  • You stood by as occupancy, mask, and vaccine mandates from rogue officials and corporations across this state turned a blind eye and deaf ear to actual science and continue to do so today.
  • You stood by while the lockdowns closed almost half of our small businesses for good.
  • You stood by while countless elected officials who swore to uphold our constitutional freedoms labeled freedom-minded Texans as conspiracy theorists because they dared to question absolute, serious, clear-as-day security issues in the November 3, 2020 election.
  • You stood by while our Secretary of State broke federal and state election laws and allowed us to vote on election machines that have not been certified since 2017, and some since 2014. These same uncertified machines are still in service today.
  • You stood by while one Secretary of State after another was appointed and served but never confirmed by our elected legislators.
  • You stood by and failed to secure our energy independence by selling our land and resources to the highest bidder, to our foreign enemies who resold to us at a higher price. These actions directly caused a major energy crisis which led to Texans suffering without water and heat in freezing temperatures leading to many deaths and billions of dollars in damage to occur to homes and other property.
  • You stood by and allowed a wave of illegals to flood across our border -- criminals of unknown origin, people infected with unknown diseases, unaccompanied minors flown off to be trafficked, and damaging border and countless other communities.
  • You stood by while the Arizona audit and sealed Georgia cybersecurity reports uncovered just how vulnerable our election systems are and yet the people have not seen where any of you have taken ANY action to restore our faith in election integrity. Your political ambitions have taken precedence over your oaths of office.
  • You stood by as Anthony Fauci and the NIH lied about the origins of the virus. He has lied about gain of function research and not one of you has held him to account. This led to precious lost response time and political pressure on China that cost Texans their lives and many more their livelihood.
  • Perhaps most appallingly, You stood by and allowed the same corrupt FDA/CDC/NIH to ban and limit availability of inexpensive and effective treatments for COVID in favor of more expensive experimental treatments that are killing people. These vulgar actions continue to cost the lives of thousands of Americans, including hundreds of Texans whose blood is on your hands.

It does not matter what other victories you have achieved when you have not even stepped up to the biggest and most important fight in our history. You have failed this state. You have failed this country. You have failed the people. We no longer consent to your failed governance.

In closing, you stood by while the citizens you swore to protect were deprived of their constitutional rights secured through the blood, sweat, and tears of our forefathers and foremothers. Now you can resign or stand by and watch while we remove every one of you from your position and take back our beloved state. Your time is up.


We the People of the Great State of Texas



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